precision resistor SUT / UT

Power Resistor SUT - wirewound

Compact 15 watt power resistor with 0.01 Ω…260 kΩ, max. -55 °C…+250 °C, max. working voltage 1050V - does not require a heat-sink

  • Power resistor with up to 15 watts
  • Space-saving design
  • Very good impulse behaviour
  • Standard tolerance ±0.01%…±10%
  • Temperature coefficient from ±20ppm/°C
  • Non-inductive windings (option)
  • Resistance values of 0.01 Ω…260 kΩ
  • Max. -55 °C…+250 °C
Technology Wirewound
Resistance Tolerance ±0,01%..±10%
Resistance Range 0,01Ω..260kΩ
Power Rating ≤ 15W
Temperature Coefficient ±20..±90 ppm/°C
Design Axial leaded
Max. Working Temperature +250 °C
Min. Working Temperature -55 °C
Product description: Power Resistor SUT - wirewound

The design of the power resistor SUT is special space-saving. The wrapping of the UT consists of a high temperature resisting compound, this allows the use also under difficult environmental conditions. The production process of the resistors is under a 100% quality control. The precision resistor with up to 10 watts @25 °C, does not require a heat-sink, has an increased temperature range of -55 °C…+275 °C and is in a wide resistance range of 0.01 Ω…260 kΩ with the resistance tolerance of ±0,01%…10% available. The resistors have a very good impulse handling and are available in a non-inductive windings version. Typical applications are current and voltage control units, power and charging management systems, electronics for renewable energy systems and much more.

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