Power Resistor MCU - wirewound

15 watt @75°C power resistor in flame-proofed ceramic housing with very high temperature range -55°C..+275°C - does not require a heat-sink!

Technology: Wirewound
Design: Axial leaded
Power Rating: ≤ 15W @75°C
Resistance Range: 0,01Ω..91kΩ
Resistance Tolerance: ±0,01%..±10%
Temperature Coefficient: ±20..±90 ppm/°C
Max. Working Temperature: +275°C
Min. Working Temperature: -55°C

MCU power resistors with axial leads and optional spacers are constructed to keep a distance between the mounting surface (PCB) and the resistor. This avoids a not wanted heat transfer between the resistor and other surfaces or components. Compared to other power resistors, these resistors do not require a heat-sink and are flame resistant because they are cemented in ceramic housing. They are loadable up to 15 watts @75°C and have resistance values of 0,01Ω..90kΩ with a resistance tolerance of up to ±0,01%. MCU resistors can be used anywhere where higher temperatures occur. Typically applications are power and control circuits for electrical drives or temperature control.

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