SIN-COS Potentiometer SCX30

Precise non-linear potentiometer in Ø27 mm metal housing with very long lifespan and opt. rear shaft

  • Effective electrically angle of rotation 360°
  • Very long lifespan
  • 2 x ball bearings
  • Applicable in a wide temperature range
  • Servo flange for precise mounting
  • High resistance versions possible
  • Optional tandem version (up to 3)
Data sheet
Sensor technology Conductive Plastic Potentiometer
Effective electrical angle of rotation max. 360°
Functions / Features Without mech. stop, Metal housing, Opt. multiganged/ tandem, Opt. rear shaft, Sinus Cosinus
Resolution Nearly infinite
Output signal Analogue
Electrical connection Radial, Solder contacts
Protection class IP40
Mounting Servo flange, Threaded holes
Shaft diameter 3.17 mm, 3.00 mm
Housing diameter 27 mm
Housing depth min. 22.5 mm
Sinus / Cosines SCX30 potentiometers can be used to implement ... more
Product description: SIN-COS Potentiometer SCX30

Sinus / Cosines SCX30 potentiometers can be used to implement mathematical functions.

This high-resolution special potentiometer in Ø27 mm housing makes it easy to convert movements in x-y coordinate system into adequate electrical quantities. The potentiometers are optimally used in tool manufacturing, in mechanical engineering and in meteorology. Very high precision with a very long lifespan of up to more than 50 million shaft rotations distinguish these sensors.

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