Multiturn Rotary Potentiometer with Knob MD32

Completely pre-assembled set, with locking mechanism, 3-digits, button in two colours - ready for installation on the front panel

Product is no longer available!
  • Completely pre-assembled set
  • 000...999 good readability of the numbers
  • Knob in grey or black with locking mechanism
  • Soldering lugs or clamp connection
  • With many options
Data sheet
Sensor technology Wirewound Potentiometer
Effective electrical angle of rotation max. 3600°
Functions / Features Without mech. stop, Opt. multiganged/ tandem, With adjustment knob, Opt. rear shaft
Resolution Depends on resistance value
Output signal Analogue
Electrical connection Terminal connection, Radial, Solder contacts
Protection class IP40
Mounting Bushing
Shaft diameter With knob
Housing depth ≥ 25 mm
The manual adjusters MD32 with adjustment knob and locking ... more
Product description: Multiturn Rotary Potentiometer with Knob MD32

The manual adjusters MD32 with adjustment knob and locking mechanism are for applications that require a precise multi-turn rotary potentiometer.

These manual adjusters with locking mechanism are delivered ready to install. They consist of a multiturn precision rotary potentiometer series AL17 and the adjustment knob. The potentiometer is available in a 3, 5 or 10 turn version. The radial gold-plated connection pins are suitable for flat connectors (2.8 mm according to DIN 46247 Part 3).

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