Multiturn Rotary Potentiometer with Knob MD22

Completely pre-assembled set, with 3-digits, button in two colors - ready for installation on the front panel

Connection Method: Lands, Terminal Block
Sensor Technology: Potentiometer
Push Switch: Without
Mechanical Stop: With
Detent: Without
Protection Class: up to IP65
Electrical Interface: Analog

The manual adjusters MD22 with adjustment knob are for applications that require a precise multi-turn rotary potentiometer.

These manual adjusters are delivered ready to install. They consist of a multiturn precision potentiometer series AL17 and the adjustment knob. The potentiometer is available in a 3, 5 or 10 turn version. The radial gold-plated connection pins are suitable for flat connectors (2.8 mm according to DIN 46247 Part 3).

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