Optoelectronic Hollow Shaft Encoder Series MHL40

Industry-standard hollow shaft encoder with high angular resolution

The MHL40 is an affordable, universal hollow shaft encoder and covers a wide range of applications. As output circuits the alternatives push-pull, open collector, voltage output and line driver are available.

Resolution: 10..3600 ppr.
Protection class: Up to IP50
Sensor technology: Optical Encoder
Measurement range: Singleturn
Output signal: Incremental
Shaft diameter: 6,00 mm, 8,00 mm, 10,00 mm, 12,00 mm
Housing diameter: 40 mm
Shaft type: Hollow shaft
Connection type: Round cable

  • Ø40 mm housing
  • Resolution 10 to 3600 ppr
  • 2 channels and index
  • Supply voltage 5 V, 12..24 V
  • Optional with through hole

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