Optoelectronic manual encoder SPE

Panel encoder in Ø22 mm housing with increased torque for reliable use in environments with high temperatures (maximum 100 °C)

Electr. connection: Radial, Connector
Sensor Technology: Optical
Functions (push switch, adjustment knob...): Ohne Taster
Effective electrical angle of rotation: max. 360°
Detent: Without detent
Protection Class: IP40
Resolution / Output signal: Incremental max. 1000 ppr.
Housing depth: min. 12 mm

SPE panel encoders are available with very high resolution for particularly sensitive and exact setpoint specification

The SPE panel encoder is used in the version with sleeve bearing as manual device. The panel encoder is available in two versions with increased torque: One version with a low 0.2 Ncm and the other with increased 0.4 ±0.1 Ncm operational torque. For a particularly sensitive and exact setpoint specification the encoder has very high resolution options from 100 to max. 1000 ppr. The operating temperature range with up to 100 °C ensures reliable operation even in high-temperature environments. TTL or Line Driver are available as interfaces for longer transmission distances. In addition, the ready-made Molex plug-in connection enables convenient mounting.

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