Inductive Transducer Series EVTB

Inductive transducer in a robust miniature design, protection class IP65

The displacement sensor series EVTB is the successor of the EVT series for measuring lengths from 2mm to 10mm. For this often used measurement strokes a special coil with lower tolerances in sensitivity was developed. The mechanical detection of linear movement is done by a front guided push rod with accurate sleeve bearing and inside spring return device. The inductive measurement principle of the EVTB is configured with a casted spool in LVDT winding and a transformation core mounted on the push rod. With an external electronic modulator and amplifier, our IMA2 LVDT, the position feedback signal of the core between the LVDT coils is transformed into the typical form of 0…10V or 4…20mA. Due to the contactless measurement principle long lifetime can be reached and permits high dynamic application, especially if small oscillating movement has to be detected. The inductive measurement delivers absolute values and is true power on. Because of his good linearity in view of small measurement strokes and high resolution also for for movement in micro step the EVTB sensor provides high accuracy. The stainless steel construction is made in small design with only 10mm diameter and provides IP65 sealing protection. This combination of mini design, robust IP65 construction and high accuracy gives the inductive EVTB series a high performance for linear motion measurement from 2 to 10mm with space saving integration even in heavy duty conditions.

  • very robust and space saving design
  • stainless steel housing with protection class IP65
  • suitable for heavy duty applications
  • very long lifetime because of wearless measurement principle
  • very accurate measement principle for small strokes
  • suitable for applications with oscillating movements and high dynamic
  • high resolution also for small steps