Magnetic Linear Transducer PMS

Magnetic absolute displacement sensor without push rod with very high accuracy in IP67 for measuring strokes from 50 to 4000 mm

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Effective electrical travel: 50 to 4000 mm in 41 variants
Mechanical position detection: Guided or free cursor
Sensor Technology: Magnetostrictive
Design: Rectangular anodized aluminium profile
Resolution: Infinite
Protection Class: IP67
Electrical connection: Axial, Cable, Connector
Functions / Features: Industry standard dimension

In the displacement sensor series PMS the mechanical detection of linear movement is done by a guided or free cursor, in which magnets are casted in sealing compound. In the IP67 sealed housing the magentostrictive sensor element and the electronic runtime measurement device are integrated. The position evaluation of the magnetic cursor is transformed contactless into a linear analog signal 0…10V or 4…20mA/0..20mA. The magnetostrictive measurement principle is true power on and delivers absolute values in very high accuracy. There is a choice of different cursor versions with ball joint, which compensate lateral offset or a free position sensor, which allows lateral offset up to ±2 mm. Several cursors can be used on one position sensor. This permits applications with critical shock or vibration influences. The combination of very high accuracy and robust construction in IP67 gives the magnetostrictive PMS series a high performance for linear motion measurement from 50 up to 4000 mm even in heavy duty applications.

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