Hand Joystick TRY80

Rugged, large stock grip hand joystick for rough environments

  • Reliability through contact-less Hall sensors
  • Ball handle or stock grip in two sizes
  • Stock grip with optional push buttons and deadman trigger
  • IP classes up to 67 (depending on handle configuration)
  • Optional redundant outputs
  • Several output options (analogue, CAN SAE J1939, CANopen, USB)
CANopenCANj1939VDCUSB connectionProtection class IP67
Data sheet
Size Hand Joystick
Technology Hall Effect
Axes 2
Return Mechanism Spring Return
Output interface CAN J1939, CANopen, Analogue voltage output, Voltage regulator, USB
Housing depth under panel ≤ 69 mm
Number of Pushbuttons 2, 3, 0, ≥4, 1
Sealing above panel IP63 to IP67 depending on handle configuration
Limiter plate Round, Plus, Slotted y direction (1 axis), Square, Slotted x direction (1 axis)
Robust and reliable – but versatile nonetheless The TRY80 ... more
Product description: Hand Joystick TRY80

Robust and reliable – but versatile nonetheless

The TRY80 series offers a very robust joystick for use in harsh environments. The TRY80 covers a wide range of applications where a stock grip is required and a number of additional control functions need to be within reach of the operator's hand. With optional safety features, it is also suitable for critical applications.

The joystick is fitted with Hall sensors to ensure minimal drift in the output signal over many years of operation. Optionally, redundant sensors can be selected to further increase reliability.

  • Ball handle, small and big stock grip handles available
  • Push buttons and operator presence paddle available as additional input elements (stock grip only)
  • Available with analogue voltage output and USB, CAN SAE J1939-71 or CANOpen digital interfaces
  • Can be configured with "guided feel" so that diagonal deflection requires more force than the two main axes (forward/backward, left/right)
  • The joystick can withstand a maximum horizontal load of approx. 900 N @ 20 cm above the panel
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