Hall-Effect Absolute Encoder Series MAB12AH

Miniature kit-encoder - no wear parts

This reasonably priced Kit-Encoder impresses with its miniature housing and high accuracy. The push-on magnet holder allows a simple and cost-efficient mounting.

Resolution: Absolute 10 Bit, Absolute 12 Bit
Measurement range: Singleturn
Output signal: Analog, PWM
Protection class: IP40
Sensor technology: Hall Effect Encoder
Shaft diameter: 2,00 .. 6,35 mm
Housing diameter: 12 mm
Shaft type: Hollow shaft
Connection type: Molex plug on sensor

  • 12 mm housing diameter
  • Electrical angle 360°
  • Output: 0..5 V analog, 5 V PWM
  • Resolution: 10 bit or 12 bit (only for PWM)
  • With push-on magnet holder
  • For shaft diameters 4 mm, 6 mm, 6,35 mm

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