Hollow-shaft conductive plastic potentiometer MHP24

Compact hollow-shaft potentiometer with precious metal wiper for very confined space conditions

Resolution: Almost infinite
Measurement range: Singleturn
Output signal: Analog
Protection class: IP40
Sensor technology: Conductive Plastic Potentiometer
Shaft diameter: 6,00 mm
Housing diameter: 24 mm
Shaft type: Hollow shaft
Connection type: Lands

The MHP24 hollow-shaft potentiometers are designed for applications where simple assembly in confined spaces and a stable output signal is required.

The conductive plastic hollow shaft potentiometer MHP24 allows based on the flatted hub and the anti rotation pin an easy and exact zero point alignment. The flat construction allows the implementation under constricted rooms.

  • Space saving flat housing (Ø24 x 7.1 mm)
  • Simple mounting on flatted hollow shaft hub and anti rotation pin
  • Conductive plastic and high-quality multi finger wiper (precious metals) gives a reliable signal output

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