Conductive Plastic Potentiometer Series MPAS21

Conductive plastic potentiometer - applicable as sensor with high resolution

The series MPAS21 is applicable as accurate setpoint device or in mechanically driven sensor applications. Optional it is possible to seal the bearing (IP65) and the housing (IP64).

Resolution: Almost infinite
Measurement range: Singleturn
Output signal: Analog
Protection class: Up to IP65
Sensor technology: Conductive Plastic Potentiometer
Shaft diameter: 3,17 mm
Housing diameter: 22 mm
Shaft type: Solid shaft
Connection type: Solder pins

  • 22 mm housing diameter
  • 2 ball bearings
  • Mechanical angle 320° with stop
  • Resistance value from 0.5 to 100 kOhm
  • >10 million turns lifetime