Aluminium housing MINKAP K

Aluminium housing for PCB with VG ledge in 107 mm width

  • Standard size 107 x 26,2 x 160 mm (W x H x L)
  • End plates for VG ledge with C096 plug connector according to IEC 60603-2
  • 4 external grooves for mounting
Data sheet
Height (outer) 29 mm
Width (outer) 116,2 mm
Standard lengths 160 mm
Material / Colour Aluminium natural, Aluminium natural anodised
The MINKAP K aluminium housing for printed circuit boards (107 ... more
Product description: Aluminium housing MINKAP K

The MINKAP K aluminium housing for printed circuit boards (107 mm wide) with VG ledge provides 4 x 2 guide slots for PCB mounting with 1.6 mm PCB thickness. The enclosure has an internal height of 26.2 mm and is offered in a standard length of 160 mm (custom lengths up to a maximum of 3,000 mm). End plate variants are available with or without a breakthrough in the top or bottom slot. The latter are manufactured for VG bars with C096 plug-in strip according to IEC 60603-2. Screws are included when ordering plates. The aluminium enclosures are available in anodized aluminium (black anodized optional).

The MINKAP K series can be used both for insertion into the MINKAP G series housing and for individual applications. On the outside of the MINKAP K housing there are 4 grooves for mounting.

For volume production, many other custom solutions are available, such as body machining, drilling, punching, milling, etc., as well as printing, custom colours to customer requirements. Custom machining of end plates, other thicknesses and materials. Chromating of bare enclosures and plates and more.

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