Aluminium housing MINKAP K

Aluminium housing MINKAP K for circuit boards with VG ledge for printed circuit boards of 107 mm width

The MINKAP K aluminium housing for circuit boards (107 mm width) with VG ledge provides 4 x 2 guide slots for PCB mounting with 1.6 mm PCB thickness. The housing has an internal height of 26.2 mm and is offered in the standard length 160 mm (customer-specific lengths up to a maximum of 3,000 mm). End plate variants with or without a breakthrough in the lower or upper groove are available. The latter are manufactured for VG bar with C096 plug-in strip according to IEC 60603-2. Screws are included by ordering plates. The aluminium housings are available in anodised aluminium (optional black anodised).
The MINKAP K series can be used both for insertion into the MINKAP G series housing as well as for individual applications. On the outside of the housing of the MINKAP K there are 4 grooves for mounting.

For serial production, you get many other customer-specific solutions, such as:
Processing of the housings such as drilling, punching, milling etc. as well as printing, customer-specific colors according to customer requirements. Customized processing of end plates, other thicknesses and materials. Chromate the bare housing and plates and more.

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