PCK3-TTL to Open Collector Converter

TTL to Open Collector Converter PCK3

Suitable for optical incremental encoders with single ended TTL output A, B, Z (Index)

  • For single ended TTL output A, B, Z (index)
  • Incl. MOLEX 5-pin male and female, RM2.54
  • Supply voltage 9.5…32 V / DC
  • PCK3 feeds connected encoder with 5 V / DC
  • With signal cable, total length including plug / coupling 220 mm
Product description: TTL to Open Collector Converter PCK3

The application of the PCK3 is the conversion of output signals A, B, Z (index) from an optical incremental rotary encoder, from TTL level to open collector circuit outputs. The open collector circuit allows a level conversion and a maximum pull-up voltage up to 35 V. Thus, signal cable lengths between rotary encoder and evaluation unit until 150 m can be realized. On demand, external pull-up resistors can be connected between the signal outputs of the PCK3 and VSUP to adapt the PCK3 to the evaluation unit optimally. Thanks to the variable supply voltage range, the PCK3 can be used flexible and supplies the connected encoder with a stabilized supply voltage of 5 V/DC.

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