TRY54 multifunction joystick for the fatigue-free operation of heavy-duty applications

Versatile, robust and very handy

The new multifunctional joystick TRY54 from MEGATRON is not only extremely robust and ergonomic but also very durable with up to 10 million movement cycles. The easy handling also minimizes the risk of operating errors. Users in the heavy-duty and off-road sectors will particularly benefit from the outstanding features of the joystick.

Thanks to its small installation depth of less than 60 mm, the TRY54 can be easily integrated into construction machines or forklifts, for example, where space is usually limited. The individual configuration of the joystick functions is as simple as the installation. MEGATRON assembles the functional units individually on request: Up to eight buttons can be integrated into the front panel of the joystick, as well as thumbwheels, mini joysticks, LEDs or knobs.

The joystick's multifunction joystick also features a dead man's lever and a trigger switch, which can be assigned further functions. All actions can be performed with one hand without changing hands, which significantly reduces the risk of operator fatigue and errors.

The TRY54 has been designed to meet the latest technical requirements and features the SAE-J1939 CAN bus interface commonly used in commercial vehicles, while redundant, non-contact Hall sensors ensure high reliability and a long service life of the joystick.
The SIL 2 compatibility of the device is given so that customers can save effort and costs for their own verifications.

With the TRY54 multi-function joystick, the user not only has a very robust, flexible and easy-to-use control element but the user can also have their functional units configured exactly according to their wishes by MEGATRON. Therefore, the TRY54 is the ideal alternative to larger, less ergonomic models in the heavy-duty range.

Hand joystick-TRY54