Steer boats with precision

High-precision manoeuvring with the TRY120 joystick from MEGATRON

The TRY120 finger joystick from MEGATRON has a very compact design and the robustness of a classic hand joystick. These features make the TRY120 ideal for all applications where heavy-duty joysticks are normally used. The joystick is particularly suitable for maritime applications.

The TRY120 joysticks from MEGATRON are characterized by a low installation depth of 26 mm and a robust metal internal mechanism. The high spring and reset forces and IP67 protection make the joysticks particularly suitable for mobile outdoor applications in harsh environments - for example in the cockpit of small boats.

The 3-axis version of the finger joystick is ideal for controlling vessels with bow thrusters/cross rudders. As the input movements on the joystick are directly translated into a corresponding movement of the boat, control is completely intuitive. For example, the TRY120 can be used to perform mooring manoeuvres with great precision. Turning the handle turns the boat on the spot, tilting the knob sideways moves the boat parallel or sideways, and pushing the knob forward or backward moves the boat in that direction at walking speed.

MEGATRON has equipped the TRY120 with an ergonomically designed control knob for easy operation in maritime applications. Additional buttons on the top of the handle allow further inputs, such as speed or thrust settings. The mini joystick's operating principle is based on non-contact Hall effect sensors. As a result, the TRY120 has a very long mechanical life of up to 5 million movements. The joystick is optionally available with up to 3 axes and 2 buttons. The maximum permissible mechanical forces are 350 N in the X and Y directions. The Z-axis of the joystick can be loaded with a torque of up to 9 Nm. Redundant sensors are available as an option for safety-critical applications.
The TRY120 finger joystick provides either analogue or digital output signals and is available with CAN J1939, CANopen and USB interfaces. MEGATRON offers four configurations for the TRY120, suitable for operation with 2 and 3 axes, whereby the 2-axis joystick cannot be rotated. The 3-axis version has an integrated sensor and return spring.

Finger Joystick TRY120