Robust, accurate and modifiable

HTx36 encoders close the gap between simple and heavy-duty applications

The new HTx36 encoders in Ø36 mm metal housing from MEGATRON can be precisely matched to the respective application thanks to their numerous electronic and mechanical options. Whether as incremental or absolute encoders - the contactless encoders convincingly meet the requirements between simple and heavy-duty applications.

The signal processing of the HTx36 encoders is digital and based on magnetic, gradient-based measured value recording. This makes the modern sensor technology largely immune to electromagnetic influences and temperature fluctuations. HTx36 encoders have a robust metal housing (IP68) and a double ball-bearing solid or hollow shaft (up to IP67), which withstands high axial or radial axis loads and allows a maximum actuation speed of 12,000 rpm. Thanks to these specifications, the encoders convincingly occupy the field between simple and heavy-duty applications.

As analogue encoders, the encoders offer up to 12 bit resolution with voltage/current output or PWM and up to 14 bit in the digital variants SSI, SER and SPI. All single- or multi-turn encoders are also available as redundant versions. The incremental encoder version can be selected with TTL, push pull or open collector output electronics. It allows the signal output of A, B, Z (also differential A, A/, B, B/, Z, Z/) or the UVW signal output for motor commutation of DC motors (from one to 16 pole pairs). In addition, the customer can set the number of pulses ex works from 1 to 1024 ppr with a step size of 1 as desired.

The electrical connection of the HTx36 encoders is made via M12 plugs with axial or radial cable outlet or via a shielded signal cable (1 m, metal cable glands) permanently connected to the encoder. All steels used are stainless. HTx36 encoders are manufactured in Germany and cover a very wide range of applications thanks to the variety of options. In addition, the encoders can be adapted to the application even from small series. 

Rotary encoder HTx36