MRX50 with fine resolution, detent and push-button

The MRX50 rotary encoder offers a unique combination of pulses, detent, pushbutton, long lifespan and compact design

The sum of its properties makes the MEGATRON MRX50 rotary encoder unique: The panel encoder with pushbutton features 50 mechanical detents and 50 pulses per shaft revolution in an extremely compact housing (25x25x8.2 mm). Added to this are the long lifespan of at least 1 million shaft revolutions or pushbutton actuations and the attractive price structure. The precise and robust rotary encoders can be customized on request.

The robust and compact unibody die-cast metal chassis is the basis of the high mechanical performance of the panel encoder. The mechanical detent is based on two opposing spiral springs, at its ends two metal balls are pressed against a gear rim. In order to minimize friction wear between the ball and gear rim, an additive with a lubricating effect is applied on the contact surfaces of the gear rim. The MRX50's compact design features 50 mechanical detents and 50 pulses per revolution. Two detent torque variants are available for haptic feedback. The detent torque can be customized to customer requirements.

The brass shaft of the panel encoder moves in a sleeve bearing and is stopped by a brass ring embedded in the sleeve bearing in case if high axial forces will be applied. This mechanical concept prevents too high actuating forces from acting on the pushbutton and the sensor board. The encoder is integrated into the application via the central thread with a Ø6 mm x 20 mm shaft. It fulfils the criteria of the protection class up to IP65, so that operation under increased environmental requirements is also ensured. Here, the panel encoder is protected from water and particles by a shaft sealing element between the shaft and the shaft bearing. The IP65 option includes an additional sealing element which is installed between the control panel and the sensor to protect it from water and particles. The pushbutton of the MRX50 is electrically independent of the ground of the sensor electronics. Thus, it can be operated potential-free on request. As an option, the MRX50 series is also available without an integrated pushbutton.

The optoelectronic design of the MRX50 is based on a stainless steel coding disc and two reflective photodiodes and phototransistors. The supply voltage can be either 3.3V or 5V. The downstream Schmitt triggers for channels A and B guarantee a fast flank change and clearly defined square-wave signals at the electrical output of the sensor. The output signals are standard TTL signals. Four electrical connection variants are available. Others are available on request.

If the options offered in the MRX50 data sheet are not enough, MEGATRON customizes the encoder. Thus, the customer can be sure to receive a panel encoder that is optimally adapted to his application.

Optoelectronic Manual Encoder MRX50