3Dconnexion and MEGATRON expand cooperation

MEGATRON becomes exclusive global distributor for the “SpaceMouse® Module”

The 3D finger joystick “SpaceMouse® Module” was specially developed for human-machine interaction in industrial applications. Since 2014, MEGATRON has the exclusive distribution rights for the German-speaking countries of the D-A-CH region. Now the Putzbrunn-based specialist for innovative electronics solutions has become the exclusive global distributor for the 3D joystick. Sales and service are implemented worldwide via the MEGATRON distribution network.

“We are pleased about the expansion of our cooperation,” says MEGATRON Managing Director Thomas Volkwein. “This is a strong mark of confidence and shows that we are unique with our application and industry expertise.” For more than 50 years MEGATRON has been a distributor of joysticks, sensors, precision resistors and other electromechanical components from in-house production and external partners, and also adapts the products to individual customer requirements. “After more than three successful years of close cooperation it was clear to us that MEGATRON is the ideal partner for the distribution of the ‘SpaceMouse® Module’”, says Antonio Pascucci, Managing Director of 3Dconnexion GmbH.

The “SpaceMouse® Module” is the perfect addition to the product portfolio of the Upper Bavarian electronics expert. It is a unique control unit, because it overcomes the boundary between man and machine. The joystick features six degrees of freedom and allows the fully intuitive control of complex 3D movements, which makes it ideal for human-robot collaboration (HRC). The 3D joystick enables not only teaching of automated processes without the necessity of programming knowledge, but also the precise manual control of robots. To meet application-specific requirements, MEGATRON customizes the “SpaceMouse® Module” with mechanical and software adaptations.

The core element of the “SpaceMouse® Module” is a non-contact optoelectronic sensor, which guarantees wear-free operation. Compared to other sensor types, this technology is relatively insensitive to electromagnetic interference. This means that in addition to HRC, the “SpaceMouse® Module” can be used in a broad range of applications, including the control of spatial movements such as those required of sewer inspection equipment, gyroscopic stabilized drones, machining centres or instruments used in assisted surgery. This is where the high sensitivity of the 3D joystick is especially valued: it responds to the subtlest finger or wrist movements, therefore enabling high-precision operations. The “SpaceMouse® Module” is also ideal for controlling parcel delivery drones, baggage conveyor handling equipment at airports, or visualizations and simulations.

SpaceMouse Joystick