Power Resistor MCV - wirewound

10 watt @75 °C power resistor in a ceramic flameproof case with very high temperature range -55 °C...+275 °C - no heatsink required!

  • Flameproof - wirewound resistor cemented in ceramic
  • Power rating up to 10 watts @75 °C
  • No heat sink required
  • Resistance values of 0.01 Ω…90 kΩ
  • Resistance tolerance up to ±0.01%
Data sheet
Technology Wirewound
Design Radial leaded
Power Rating ≤ 10W @75°C
Resistance Range 0,01Ω..91kΩ
Resistance Tolerance ±0,01%..±10%
Temperature Coefficient ±20..±90 ppm/°C
Max. Working Temperature +275 °C
Min. Working Temperature -55 °C
MCV power resistors with radial leads are designed to maintain a ... more
Product description: Power Resistor MCV - wirewound

MCV power resistors with radial leads are designed to maintain a distance between the mounting surface (PCB) and the resistor. This prevents unwanted heat transfer between the resistor and other surfaces or components. Unlike other power resistors, these resistors do not require a heat sink and are flame retardant as they are cemented into a ceramic body. They can withstand loads of up to 10 watts at 75 °C and have resistance values of 0.01 Ω...90 kΩ with a resistance tolerance of up to ±0.01%. MCV resistors can be used wherever high temperatures occur. Typical applications include power and control circuits for electrical drives or temperature control.

  • Temperature coefficient ±20ppm/°C
  • Non-inductive windings (option)
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