Shunt MST

Shunt Resistor MST - bare metal

Bare metal shunt resistor with power rating up to 5 watts @85 °C, tolerances of ±1%…±5% for resistance values of 0.005 Ω…0.1 Ω

  • Bare metal resistor
  • Current sense resistor
  • Power rating up to 5 watts @85 °C
  • Resistance values of 0.005 Ω…0.1 Ω
  • Resistance tolerance of ±1%, ±5%
  • Low inductance <10nH
Product description: Shunt Resistor MST - bare metal

MST current sense resistors are accurate components for current sensing circuit applications. They have low inductance (<10nH), power rating of up to 5 watts @85 °C and a TCR value of ±20ppm/°C. With very low resistance values of up to 0.005 Ω, the shunts are suitable for measurement technology and are also used in power electronics for current control. Typical applications are circuits for intelligent charging management systems, industrial networks, automotive applications and communications.

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