Precision Resistor NC550 - metal film

Metal film resistor with wide resistance range of 1 Ω…5 MΩ and resistance tolerance up to ±0.05%

  • Resistance values from 1 Ω…5 MΩ
  • Resistance tolerances up to ±0,05%
  • Temperature coefficient of ±3ppm/°C
  • Rated load 0.6 watts @40 °C
  • Low inductance version (optional)
  • Pre-loaded at 100 hours rated load (optional)
Data sheet
Technology Metal Film
Resistance Tolerance ±0,05%..±0,1%
Resistance Range 1Ω..5000kΩ
Power Rating ≤ 0,4W @70°C / ≤ 0,6 Watt @40°C
Temperature Coefficient ±3..±25 ppm/°C
Design Axial leaded
Max. Working Temperature +125°C
Min. Working Temperature -25°C
NC550 precision resistors are used in almost all areas of ... more
Product description: Precision Resistor NC550 - metal film

NC550 precision resistors are used in almost all areas of electronics because of their low inherent noise. Switching, control and measurement applications are particularly popular. The metal film resistors have been continuously developed over the years and are one of the most widely used resistor series. They have a resistance range of 1 Ω...5 MΩ, a temperature coefficient of ±3ppm/°C and a power rating of up to 0.6 Watts at 40 °C. The resistors are optionally available in a low inductance version and pre-loaded @ 100 h nominal load.

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