Voltage Divider MSM - metal foil Resistor

2-fold Precision Voltage Divider in Moulded Epoxy Housing

MSM Voltage Divider are the best choice, if high stability and a rouged design are the most important criteria beside all other electrical specifications. A special advantage of all combined voltage divider components is the common thermal potential for the two resistance elements.

Typically applications are Laboratory, Medicin, Instrumentation, Telecommunication, Electron beam applications, Down-hole.

Temperature Coefficient: ±2,5ppm, ±5ppm
Design: Radial Leaded
Resistance Tolerance: 0,02%, 0,05%, 0,1%
Technology: Metal Foil
Power: 0,3W
Resistance Value: 50Ω - 30kΩ

  • Solid and moisture resistant epoxy housing
  • Best tracking TCR 1ppm
  • Low inductance
  • Low current noise
  • Thermal EMF 0,1µV/°C
  • Voltage coefficient 0,00003%/V