voltage divider MLD

Voltage Divider MLD - metal foil Resistor

2-fold voltage divider with max. 30kΩ resistance value

  • 2-fold voltage divider
  • Resistance values of 50Ω..30kΩ
  • Absolute TCR from ±2.5ppm/°C
  • Resistance tolerance absolute from ±0,05%, matching from ±0,02%
  • Low noise with good long-term stability
Technology Metal Foil
Resistance Tolerance ±0,05%..±0,5% absolut
Resistance Range 50Ω..30kΩ
Power Rating ≤ 0,25W @70°C
Temperature Coefficient ±2,5..±5 ppm/°C absolut
Design Radial leaded
Max. Working Temperature +125°C
Min. Working Temperature -25°C
Product description: Voltage Divider MLD - metal foil Resistor

MLD Voltage Divider with resistive elements mode of NiCr- Foil are a reasonable priced alternative to our MSM series. They are less moisture resistant, because of a epoxy dipped housing. Nevertheless, they have good long-term stability and low-noise with resistance values of 50Ω..30kΩ and TCR from ±2,5ppm/°C absolute. These resistors are often used in current sense and control circuits as well as in operational amplifiers that require two resistors at the same thermal potential.

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