Thermistor PTC resistor TM - metal foil

Ultra-precise and linear thermistor PTC resistor with TCR up to +4250...+6590ppm/°C

  • Thermistor with high long-term stability
  • High precision, resistance tolerances from ±0,5% @0 °C
  • Temperature coefficient up to 6590ppm @0°…100 °C
  • Linear temperature behaviour
  • Short response time
  • Customized temperature characteristics (on request)
Data sheet
Technology Metal Foil
Resistance Tolerance ±0,5%..±5%
Resistance Range 5Ω..1kΩ
Power Rating ≤ 0,25W @70°C
Temperature Coefficient ±4250...±6590 ppm/°C
Design Radial leaded
Max. Working Temperature +125°C
Min. Working Temperature -25°C
The thermistors of the TM series are PTC resistors with TCR ... more
Product description: Thermistor PTC resistor TM - metal foil

The thermistors of the TM series are PTC resistors with TCR values of +4250...+6590ppm/°C. They are thermosensitive resistors with a special linear temperature behaviour, which distinguishes them from the usual PT100 elements, which follow a non-linear temperature curve. The metal foil technology also gives much better long term stability. This is one of the main criteria for using these components in temperature compensation circuits in solar energy and many other semiconductor devices. Typical applications include temperature compensation in load cells, heat generation equipment.

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