Thermistor PTC resistor TM - metal foil

Ultra precision and linear thermistor PTC resistor with TCR up to +4250…+6590ppm/°C

TMA and TMB are Thermosensitive Resistors with a special linear temperature behavior, this makes them different to usually PT100 elements which are following a non linear temperature curve. The Metal Foil technology gives in additon a much better long term stability. This is one of the main criterias for using this components in temperature compensating circuits in the solar power any a lot of other semiconducter devices.

Typically applications are the temperature compensation in load cells, equipement for heat production.

Technology: Metal Foil
Design / Wired: Radial wired
Power Rating: ≤ 0,25W @70°C
Resistance Range: 5Ω..1kΩ
Resistance Tolerance: ±0,5%..±5%
Temperature Coefficient: ±4250...±6590 ppm/°C
Max. Working Temperature: +125°C
Min. Working Temperature: -25°C

  • Linear temperature behavior
  • Short response time
  • Excellent long term stability