PCB spacer LPR24

Spacer with snap-on mounting on one side and PCB holder on the other in two designs.

Product variants

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LPR 2401
LPR 2402
Distance height in mm 10,0 11,0
Mounting (A "top") Corner mounting Corner mounting
Mounting (B "bottom") Snap lock Snap lock
Material nylon 66 nylon 66
Fire protection class UL 94 V-2 UL 94 V-2
Colour natural natural
Ø Mounting hole (B "bottom") in mm 6,35 x 7,5 7,0 x 5,6
Overlap (B "bottom") in mm 7,0 5,9
Panel thickness (A "top") in mm 0,8 - 2,2 -
Panel thickness (B "bottom") in mm 1,4 -
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