SMD resistor MMU as voltage divider - metal foil

Very temperature-stable voltage divider up to 0,05W @125°C in SMD design excellent under difficult environmental conditions

Technology: Metal Foil
Design: SMD Housing
Power Rating: ≤ 0,05W @125°C
Resistance Range: 10Ω..20kΩ
Resistance Tolerance: ±0,02%..±0,5% absolut
Temperature Coefficient: ±5..±15 ppm/°C absolut
Max. Working Temperature: +150°C
Min. Working Temperature: -65°C

MMU voltage divider provide also under difficult environmental conditions an excellent reliability and stability due to the metal foil technology. The resistors are very temperature-stable up to 0,05W @125°C and are available in the resistance values of 10Ω..20kΩ. Their design gives them low inductance and low noise. Typically applications are weighing systems, high precision amplifier, measuring bridges and control systems.

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