35 Watt Power Resistor with TO-263 Housing

The M35 Power Resistor provides two mounting options. The resistor can be soldered directly on a PCB, also in reflow soldering processes or used as a stand of component. The full power consumption the resistor reaches only with a correct dimensioned heat sink. (The calculation for the dimension of a proper heat sink is shown in the data sheet).

The M35 are used in different power application like solar power, charging control units etc.

Temperature Coefficient: ±50ppm, ±100ppm, ±250ppm
Resistance Tolerance: 1%, 5%
Design: TO-263
Technologie: Metal Film
Power: 2W, 35W
Resistance Value: 0,02Ω - 51kΩ

  • TO-263 housing
  • No inductance
  • Suitable for surface mounting on PCB