20 Watt Power Resistor with TO-126 Housing

The M126 Power Resistor for maximum power consumption of 20 Watts (with heat sink).  Suitable for high frequency applicaions and high-speed pulse circuits.

Typical applications are power units, control and drive circuits, automotive, and a wide range of high frequency devices.

(The calculation for the dimension of a proper heat sink is shown in the data sheet)

Temperature Coefficient: ±50ppm, ±100ppm, ±250ppm
Resistance Tolerance: 1%, 5%
Design: TO-126, Radial Leaded
Technologie: Metal Film
Power: 20W
Resistance Value: 0,02Ω - 51kΩ

  • TO-126 housing
  • Non - inductive impedance characteristics
  • Small size and plain profile