Plastic housing GKF

Plastic housing GKF

Plastic hand-held housing made of ABS in 2 housing sizes with or without battery compartment

  • GKF B1 without battery compartment
  • GKF B2 with battery compartment
Width (outer) 70 mm, 77 mm
Height (outer) 24 mm, 25 mm
Standard lengths 135 mm, 172 mm
Material / Colour Plastic light grey, Plastic dark grey
Product description: Plastic housing GKF

The GKF series consists of two plastic housing sections. GKF B1 is a hand-held housing with front and backplate. GKF B2 is a hand-held housing with battery compartment (without battery holder) with front panel.

Plastic hand-held housing GKF B1
The hand-held plastic small housing made of impact-resistant ABS is equipped with two end plates and has internal mounting possibilities for horizontal PCB mounting. The light grey plastic housing with dimensions 77 x 25 x 172 mm (W x H x L) is used as a control unit or as a peripheral device.

Plastic hand-held housing GKF B2
The GKF B2 housing for remote controls has a battery compartment (without battery holder) for AA batteries. It is available in the colours light grey and black in impact resistant ABS, with the size 70 x 24 x 135 mm (W x H x L). For the transmission of infrared signals, the variant with transparent red front panel made of polycarbonate is suitable.

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