Potentiometric linear transducer Series MMS33E with integrated signal-converter

Potentiometric linear transducer with integrated signal-converter. Robust design, IP 65 or 65 protected

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In advancement of the standard MMS33 series the E-Version, MMS33E, is realized for better electronic integration. The mechanical detection of linear movement is done by a front guided push rod with accurate sleeve bearings. To avoid vertical or angular misalignment a link ball can be mounted on the pushrod. For rough environmental conditions the version with IP65 protection can be used. If less displacement force is necessary we recommend the version with IP60 protection. To ensure high accuracy and long lifetime for a good price performance ratio the potentiometric measuring principle is realized with a high-resolution conductive plastic resistance element. For facilitating electronic integration the MMS33E series is equipped with an electronic signal converter board inside the plug housing. Instead of delicate reference voltage a simple 24VDC±20% power supply can be used. The analog signal is provided in the typical form with 0…10VDC or 4…20mA. To stable the output signal in the voltage version 0…10V up to 2mA can be driven (for the pure potentiometric signal only 0,001mA is conventional). In comparison to the pure potentiometric transducer the E-version keeps quite good the true power on function and temperature stability and is EMC approved. The dimensions of the E-Version of the MMS33E are not changed to the standard version. The MMS33E series is available with plug or cable connection.

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