Potentiometric Linear Transducer Series HEM16

Potentiometric linear transducer wirth a space saving cursor construction and flange connection, IP67

In the displacement sensor series HEM16 the mechanical detection of linear movement is done by a magnetic drag. Due to magnetic coupling the drag pulls the wiper sled inside the closed tube which contains the resistive sensor element. This inside cursor construction provides wearless movement of the magnetic drag and prevents ingress of dirt or dust to the sensor element. On that way IP67 protection is reached for rough environmental conditions. For easy installation the tube contains a flange construction in fitting gauge or with thread. This flange construction provides also hydraulic applications up to 250 bar (450 bar peak). To ensure high accuracy and long lifetime for a good price performance ratio the potentiometric measuring principle is realized with a high-resolution conductive plastic resistance element. Since the potentiometric measuring principle delivers absolute values and requires no electronic conversion, the position feedback signal is true power on without delay, temperature stable and robust against EMC influences.

  • economic and proved potentiometer technology with conductive plastic
  • space saving and wearless cursor construction
  • easy flange connection, also suitable for hydraulic applications
  • stainless steel housing in IP67 protection
  • long life time
  • high accuracy because of high resolution and good linearity
  • true power on signal without delay