Aluminium housing EUKAP K

The EUKAP K-series of aluminium enclosures for 100mm euroboards in seven enclosure heights

  • Wide range of variants
  • 7 enclosure heights with 100 mm internal dimensions
  • 2 profiles with external cooling fins
  • IP65 protection with sealing elements
Data sheet
Height (outer) 105 mm, 165 mm, 125 mm, 65 mm, 45 mm, 145 mm, 85 mm
Width (outer) 105 mm
Standard lengths 120 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm
Material / Colour Aluminium natural, Aluminium black anodised
The EUKAP K series for euroboards is available in seven internal ... more
Product description: Aluminium housing EUKAP K

The EUKAP K series for euroboards is available in seven internal heights of 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160 mm with an internal width of 100 mm. The individual profiles can be combined with each other to create a wide range of variants (2 profiles with external cooling fins). The aluminium housings are available in black anodized or bare aluminium. IP65 protection can be achieved with end plates and gaskets.

For volume production, many other custom solutions are available, such as body machining, drilling, punching, milling, etc., as well as printing, custom colours to customer requirements. Custom machining of end plates, other thicknesses and materials. Chromating of bare enclosures and plates and more.

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