Precision Resistor MFL - metal foil

Metal foil resistor with low TC value up to ±2.5ppm/°C and resistance range of 10 Ω…200 kΩ

  • Very high long-term stability
  • Resistance values of 10 Ω…200 kΩ
  • Exact values up to ±0,05% resistance tolerance
  • Temperature coefficients from ±2,5ppm/°C
  • Low current noise
Data sheet
Technology Metal Foil
Design Radial leaded
Power Rating ≤ 0,25W @70°C
Resistance Range 10Ω..200kΩ
Resistance Tolerance ±0,05%..±1%
Temperature Coefficient ±2,5..±5 ppm/°C
Max. Working Temperature +155 °C
Min. Working Temperature -25°C
The MFL resistors offer a balanced price / performance ratio ... more
Product description: Precision Resistor MFL - metal foil

The MFL resistors offer a balanced price / performance ratio without compromising on quality and resistance behaviour. Their very good reliability, stability and low current noise are underlined by the values of up to ±0,05% resistance tolerance and a temperature coefficient of ±2,5ppm/°C. The resistance range of 10 Ω…200 kΩ is usually sufficient for typical applications such as weighing systems, measuring amplifiers, test bridges or audio systems. They are also used in other industries such as medical, aerospace and automation.

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