The right choice for (nearly) all situations

The miniature joystick 812 by MEGATRON is suitable for indoor applications

The MEGATRON miniature joysticks of series 812 are true champions for their flexibility: Thanks to a large selection of knobs and different sensor systems, they are ideal for any application. These features make them an optimal operating element for one- to three-axis applications in medical and automation technology as well as monitoring systems.

Boasting an installation depth of less than 26 mm, the joysticks are excellently suited to the limited space available in these applications. Depending on requirements, MEGATRON supplies the standard version with a choice of three different hall effect sensors (independent linearity tolerance: ±2 %) or with potentiometers (linearity tolerance: ±1% to ±5% F.S.). Both joystick versions have a service life of around 1 million movements and can be used at operating temperatures of -25...+70°C (hall sensors) or -40 ...+125°C (potentiometers).  

MEGATRON supplies the joysticks of the series 812 with 20 different knob variants which offers functions such as pushbuttons or Z axes. This allows for an optimal version for nearly every application. In addition, desktop variants with up to 5 pushbuttons are available. Nib strengths for resets and installation covers round off the profile of the joystick.

Another benefit of this joystick is its special design: Since the sensors are located on the outside of the housing, a sensor can be changed without modifying the construction above the panel. This means that the joystick can be adapted to the requirements of any application without the need to change the familiar control behaviour.

Miniature Joystick Series 812