Light pipes to suit every type of application

MEGATRON offers the user a wide range of sizes and designs

Light pipes supply light to displays and indicators in many electronic applications. MEGATRON offers the industry a comprehensive portfolio of rigid and flexible light pipes, providing the right solution for almost any application. The light pipes are available in lengths from 2.4 mm to 914.4 mm and in a variety of shapes.

Light pipes provide low-cost, space-saving and low-loss light transmission. MEGATRON offers both rigid and flexible versions under the ELPAC brand. Rigid light pipes are particularly suitable for light transmission over short distances. They are available in various designs and heights and with single, double and multiple lenses. Particularly noteworthy is the EPV3 series with ZeroLightBleedTM technology: the special design of these light pipes prevents stray light from escaping between the light source and the LED. The EPV3 series light pipes are available in lengths from 8.9 mm to 50.8 mm. They are fitted with a transparent dome or flat lens (Ø 3 mm) and have a base for direct PCB mounting.

MEGATRON's flexible light pipes, on the other hand, offer the designer maximum freedom of mounting. This type of light pipe consists of an adapter, a light pipe and a cap. The adapter produces little or no stray light. Available in standard lengths from 63.5 mm to 914.4 mm, flexible light pipes can be optimally positioned on the PCB and are also suitable for SMD LEDs. One application for flexible light pipe is on PCBs with obstacles between the light source and the output.

All MEGATRON light pipes are made of UL-certified materials. The rigid versions can be mounted on the housing of the application as well as on the PCB itself. Flexible light pipes, on the other hand, are always fixed to the PCB. MEGATRON offers its customers individual and detailed advice on the most suitable light pipes

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