Potentiometric Cable Rope Sensor Series S501P

Potentiometric cable rope sensor in robust design with IP65 protection. High accuracy and lifetime because of high quality encoder with hybrid technology

Product is no longer available!
  • Flexible and space-saving cable rope construction
  • Robust aluminium housing with IP65 protection
  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • High resolution and lifetime because of hybrid technology of encoder
  • True power on signal without delay
Effective electrical travel From 500 to 2000 mm in 5 variants
Sensor Technology Potentiometric
Protection Class IP65
Supply voltage Potentiometric
In the wire sensor series S501P, the mechanical detection of ... Más
Descripción del producto: Potentiometric Cable Rope Sensor Series S501P

In the wire sensor series S501P, the mechanical detection of linear movement is done by the pretensioned cable wire. Inside the sensor, the wire is wrapped on a drum which is tensioned by a helical spring. Pulling the cable wire, the linear movement is transformed into a rotated movement. A multiturn potentiometer flanged on the drum converts the movement into an analogue signal. For the S501P wire sensor, only high quality multiturn potentiometer with hybrid technology are used. Due to the hybrid technology, in which the resistive wire of the potentiometer is covered with conductive plastic, a high performance in accuracy and long lifetime is reached. The flexible mechanical coupling of the wire construction makes the S501 suitable for application in which conventional linear transducers cannot be mounted to the measurement object. With an extended wire, the S501P sensor can be installed in appropriate distance in case of very rough environmental conditions. The robust construction in IP65 protection compliments the high price performance ratio of the S501P wire sensor.

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