The Smallest Multiturn Potentiometer in the World

MEGATRON adds the ultra-compact and precise 10-turn potentiometer SMT to its product range

Progress continues to be made in the miniaturization of devices and machines in industry and medical technology. With a housing diameter of just 10.5 mm, the SMT multiturn potentiometer from MEGATRON is no exception to this trend, which makes it ideal for applications with very limited installation space. Boasting a high level of precision and economic efficiency, the sensor can save a great deal of space once it is integrated into your application.

Whether as a setpoint device in densely packed front plates or as a miniature angle sensor in apparatus construction, the multiturn potentiometer from the SMT series is ideal for applications with very limited space. They are used in medical technology as well as in devices for sewer inspection or in semiconductor production. The multiturn potentiometer SMT offers very fine adjustment for three, five or ten revolutions and provides resolutions of up to 0.5° depending on the resistance value and angle of rotation (1080°, 1800°, 3600°). The selected angle of rotation influences the speed of the value change or the sensitivity of the rotational movement. The user can either have the values shown as a voltage signal via a display or with a scale via a multiturn rotary knob.

Many custom adjustments to the SMT are possible if necessary. Despite the small dimensions, the SMT can be equipped with a rear-wall shaft. Other services include adjusting the shaft, improving the linearity and the resistance tolerance, assembling drive wheels and mechanical parts, as well as assembling cables and plugs.

The multiturn potentiometer SMT is designed for a lifetime of up to 2 million shaft revolutions/movements. If a longer lifetime or soldering pins are required for soldering into the PCB, the AL14 series with ball-bearing shafts and an installation height of just 14 mm is recommended. This potentiometer offers a lifetime of more than 10 million revolutions.

Wirewound Potentiometer-Multiturn SMT