The optical encoders SPM convince by high resolutions and optimal configurability

Durable and very precise

The new optical incremental encoder series SPM from MEGATRON is available as encoder for manual input of values, rotary encoder or kit encoder. Thanks to the choice between 50 to 5000 pulses per revolution and the output signals TTL or line driver, it can be used in a variety of applications. The encoders are manufactured in-house by MEGATRON. Thus, customer-specific product adaptations for OEM customers are already quickly implemented in small series.  

MEGATRON manufactures the optical incremental encoders in two shaft encoder versions and as a kit encoder version: With increased torque in IP54 shaft side (SPM) or reduced torque in IP40 shaft side (SPNTM) and as kit encoder (SPTSM). In the SPM version with increased torque, the rotary encoder is ideally suited as an exact panel encoder. The reason for this is based on usage of special grease in combination with a shaft sealing ring and the associated pleasant haptic properties. In the SPNTM version, the encoder has a very smooth-running operating torque and is predestined for use as a rotary encoder. In both versions, in addition to a high-performance sleeve bearing, a centring collar is also used to ensure exact positioning in the application. With more than 100 million shaft revolutions, the lifespan of the sleeve bearing is at a high level.

The SPTSM kit encoder has an installation depth of just 16.9 mm and is available with or without a through hole in the cover. The latter is designed for applications with a continuous shaft in the application. An optional centring and distance gauge is available for simple and precise mounting of the Kit Encoder series. The centring gauge positions the encoder optimally in relation to the axis of the application. Using the distance gauge, the encoder disc on the shaft is positioned at the ideal height in relation to the optical module. These optimized tools guarantee the best synchronization characteristics of the coding disc so that even at high actuating speeds only a very low signal jitter occurs.

The incremental encoders of the SPM series provide resolutions of 50...5000 pulses/revolution - three channels are standard for almost all resolutions (A/B/Index). TTL or line drivers are available as output signals. One of MEGATRON's strengths is the customer-specific adaptation of its products - this applies in particular to the SPM series. Since the encoders are manufactured by MEGATRON In-house in Putzbrunn near Munich, individual adaptations for OEM customers can be realized at short notice even for small quantities.

Optical Encoder SPM