ETx25 encoders has everything you could possibly want

Rotary encoders that can be modified to suit any application

MEGATRON is a renowned producer of high-quality mechatronic components that can be modified to customers’ specifications. This is reflected again in the new ETx25 Hall-effect rotary encoder family, which feature a wide range of electronic, mechanical and software options. Whether it is a singleturn or multiturn rotary encoder, or as variant which can be parametrized on site, or setpoint devices for the manual input of values: The ETx25 series is ideal for applications that require a long lifetime and maximum adaptability of the sensor.  

The singleturn and multiturn rotary encoders from the ETx25 family are based on the newest Hall rotary encoder technologies. They are characterized by their high reliability, their long lifetime and an independent linearity of ±0.3%. Thanks to the contactless operating principle and the high-strength mechanical components, the rotary encoders have a lifetime of over 100 million shaft revolutions.

Highly compatible with a wide range of applications
With a diameter of 25 mm, the compact housing of the ETx25 family can be mounted quickly by simple use of the central thread (bushing). The installation-friendly concept of the sensor family is rounded off by a convenient selection of electrical connection options, like solder pins, a clamp cable, round cable or flat ribbon cable, as well as customer-specific variations. The shaft diameter is 6 mm or 6.35 mm. MEGATRON can also provide different shaft lengths, shaft diameters, cable lengths and plugs on request, and can also provide protection classes up to IP66.

Electronic variations for different fields of application
ETx25 is a rotary encoder with suitable electronics for almost every possible application: whether it is an absolute rotary encoder with an analogue output and 12-bit resolution (ETA25), an angle sensor in 12-bit resolution with serial interface, or with a 14-bit resolution and an SPI interface (ETS25), a single-turn rotary encoder with PWM output (ETP25), or an incremental encoder with up to 1024 pulses per revolution and TTL, Push-Pull or Open Collector output signals (ETI25). With its galvanically insulated outputs and redundant electronics, the ETA25X suits ideally to function-critical applications. The modular structure of the ETx25 family enables users to select from 25 different electronics variants, as well as other customer-specific options. For example, customers can choose between a 3.3-V, 5-V and 24-V supply voltage and also between a ratiometric or non-ratiometric voltage output.

Freely configurable – as a singleturn or multiturn version
With the ETA25PM multiturn rotary encoder and the ETA25PS singleturn rotary encoder, the ETx25 family also offers two sensors that can be programmed by the user directly on site. The direction of rotation and the start and end position can be adjusted by using DIP switches for the singleturn version, or, for the multiturn version, via optional operating buttons which are integrated on the PCB of the rotary encoder. This high degree of flexibility saves commissioning and storage costs, because a single type of rotary encoder is able to cover a wide range of application requirements.

Hall-effect setpoint device for manual input of values
The ETA25M from MEGATRON is applicable for manual input of values. This device provides a continuous rotational detent with excellent haptics and enables setpoints to be specified quickly and precisely. User-defined angles can also be programmed for the ETAM25 ex works. The following different mechanical angles of rotation with stops are also available ex works: 320°, 270°, 180° or 90°.

Rotary Encoder-ETx25-Hall effect