Robust joystick for mobile outdoor applications

Probably the most compact handheld joystick - MEGATRONs TRY120

MEGATRON extends its joystick series by the finger joystick series TRY120, which is a special case in the MEGATRON product range, because it is similarly robustly built as hand joysticks and therefore suitable for applications where otherwise heavy-duty joysticks must be used. The TRY120 joysticks were developed especially for the use in mobile machines, smaller vehicles and small boats.

The TRY120 joystick is optimized for use in harsh environments and has the dimensions of a compact finger joystick with installation depths from 26 mm. It derives its robustness from its internal metal mechanism. The increased spring and reset forces and the IP67 sealing are features that are particularly important for outdoor applications. TRY120 is designed for about 5 million movements, thus ensuring safe operation throughout the entire lifespan of machines. The consistently high quality is ensured by the strict quality assurance that distinguishes MEGATRON as a supplier.

The TRY120 is equipped with up to 3 axes and 2 push buttons. The maximum permissible force on the mechanism is 350 N in X and Y direction. The Z-axis of the knob can be loaded with up to 9 Nm torque. The sensor technology is based on the non-contact Hall effect, which ensures a long lifespan of the joystick. Redundant sensors are optionally available for safety-critical applications. TRY120 offers analogue and digital output signals, CANbus is available in CANbus J1939 and CANopen versions. The four available knob types are suitable for operation for 2 and 3 axes, whereby the 2-axis knob is not rotatable. The 3-axis version has an integrated sensor and a return spring. The Cobra knob has a particularly attractive design, which can be grasped with the whole hand, making the TRY120 in this variant probably the most compact hand joystick on the market.

With the TRY120 series, MEGATRON expands the successful TRY100 finger joystick series with a robust version for use in harsh environments. Due to installation compatibility and identical geometries of the TRY120 above the installation panel, users of the TRY100 will find the familiar situation and a change to the more robust model is easily possible.  A further advantage are customer-specific adaptations even for small quantities, which the company also offers for the new TRY120 joysticks.

Finger Joystick TRY120