Robust, compact, and modifiable

HTx25 encoders from MEGATRON operate with state-of-the-art Hall sensor technology

MEGATRON's new compact HTx25 encoders in Ø25 mm metal housing have been specially designed for applications in demanding environments with limited installation space. Whether as incremental or absolute encoders: the encoders meet a wide range of applications and, depending on the variant, are used in plants, laboratories and medical equipment.

A compact yet robust aluminium housing, high IP protection (IP65) and a double ball bearing stainless steel shaft for high actuation speeds: These are the main features of the HTx25 encoders from MEGATRON. The signal processing of the encoders is digital and based on state-of-the-art Hall sensor technology - this ensures reliable magnetic acquisition of the measured values. Thanks to the gradient-based evaluation, the encoders are also insensitive to temperature fluctuations and EMC influences. This robustness is reflected in a long lifespan. The number of defects or failures in encoders with this technological design is very low, even after decades of use.

The encoders are available as analogue variants with voltage/current output or PWM, as digital variants with SSI, SER and SPI. Redundant variants are also available with analogue voltage output or SPI. The incremental encoder version can be selected with TTL, push-pull or open collector output electronics. The customer can set the number of pulses as desired, ex works. The HTA25PM teach-in variant is particularly interesting, as its start and end values can be parameterized directly during installation as a multi- or single-turn variant.

The electrical connection of the HTx25 encoders is made via M8 plugs with axial or radial cable outlet or via a shielded signal cable (1 m, metal cable glands) permanently connected to the encoder. All steels used are non-rusting. HTx25 encoders are manufactured in Germany and cover a very wide range of applications thanks to the variety of options. In addition, the encoders can be adapted to the application even from small series.

Rotary Encoder HTx25