Robust and flexibly configurable

The finger joystick 842 from MEGATRON is the ideal solution for special applications

The potentiometric finger joystick 842 from MEGATRON convinces with its robust metal mechanics with high operating comfort and high configurability. Despite the compact dimensions, even the deflection in X and Y direction can be adjusted separately. Thanks to the potentiometric sensors, the finger joystick is also insensitive to electromagnetic radiation and is therefore ideal for applications with high EMC requirements.

Potentiometer joysticks continue to be in high demand due to their simple interface, flexibility in operating voltage, low power consumption and principle-based robustness to electromagnetic interference. The 842 is the only potentiometer joystick in its size class to have a metal mechanism, which on the one hand provides a very high-quality feel and on the other hand allows separate configuration of the behaviour when deflected in the X and Y directions. Thanks to the design principle, the joystick can be optimally adapted to the application: Two body variants and numerous installation types are available. In addition, the user can choose from a wide range of handles. Furthermore, the actuating force can be reduced from 1.3 N (standard) to 1.0 N or increased to 1.6 N. For special applications, one or even both axes can be used as a friction brake. In this way, the customer configures the operating element flexibly according to his wishes.

As an industry specialist, MEGATRON offers additional services for use in series production that go beyond the standard selection. For example, the joysticks are assembled with different cable versions according to the customer's wishes, even from small quantities, and variants with customer-specific handles are also available.

On request, MEGATRON customizes almost every one of its products in terms of function, design and mechanical and electrical interfaces. In this way, the customer receives a functional, economical solution, reduces his product development times and thus has a clear competitive advantage.

Finger joystick 842