Precise measurement in the most confined of spaces

CLP13 linear potentiometer measures distance and position with maximum accuracy

MEGATRON's CLP13 series displacement sensors are highly accurate, robust and require very little installation space. These features make the linear potentiometers the ideal displacement sensor for applications where space is limited.

CLP13 linear potentiometers are available in measurement lengths of 13mm, 25mm, 50mm and 100mm. The displacement sensors feature a conductive plastic resistive element at their core, providing almost infinite resolution. The output signal is immediately available. There is no delay in the response time due to the analogue measurement. This makes the linear potentiometers ideal for precise displacement measurements in medical, automation, robotics and automotive applications.

MEGATRON also offers the linear potentiometers in a version with spring return. This version always returns to its original position when the external influence or movement is removed. In the version with an additional probe tip, it enables reliable and reproducible displacement and position measurement in appropriate applications. Both the CLP13 and the CLPR13 use a single guided push rod to mechanically detect linear movement. This design also makes the transducer suitable for applications where space is limited.

Another advantage of the CLP13 is its very long life: the linear potentiometers are manufactured using Comolded conductive plastic technology and can therefore withstand up to 40 million axis movements (CLPR13: up to 20 million). The signal from the displacement sensors is available immediately after switching on/off, as they do not require any electronic signal conversion. The sensors are EMC insensitive and temperature stable (operating temperature -30 to +105°C).

If series production is required, MEGATRON can also customize the displacement sensors: For example, it is possible to customize cables or connectors, or to modify the push rod in terms of thread, length and flattening. Adaptation of the probe tip and special axis lengths are also possible on request.

Potentiometric Linear Transducer CLP13