New standards of precision and versatility

MEGATRON has further improved the already high accuracy of its HTx encoders.

MEGATRON's HTx25 and HTx36 series encoders have already proven themselves with their high-precision magnetic measurement. The encoders now measure movements and positions even more precisely: the SSI versions are now available with a resolution of up to 18 bits, while the incremental versions will be available in future with up to 20,000 pulses.

With the introduction of the optimized HTx models, MEGATRON is significantly expanding the application range of its high-precision encoders. The serial HTS encoders are now available with a resolution of up to 18 bits (singleturn), while the incremental HTI encoders are now available in versions with up to 20,000 pulses per revolution. The number of pulses can be set at the factory to suit the user's requirements.

All HTx encoders have a robust aluminium housing and a stainless-steel shaft with double ball bearings for high operating speeds. The gradient-based evaluation makes the encoders insensitive to temperature fluctuations and EMC influences. MEGATRON offers the HTx encoders in two sizes: the HTx36 with a 36 mm housing and the HTx25 with a 25 mm housing.

The encoders in the HTx36 family are among the most robust magnetic encoders in the MEGATRON range. These encoders are suitable for both simple and heavy-duty applications and have particularly high IP protection (up to IP67).

The HTx25 series of encoders features a compact design. Specially designed for applications in harsh environments with limited installation space, they offer IP protection up to IP65 and are also available as a kit version for externally mounted shafts. All HTx encoders are manufactured in Germany.

MEGATRON's HTx encoders offer a wide range of applications and can be tailored to the specific application, even in small quantities.

Rotary encoder HTx36