Miniature finger joystick with three axes

The TRY21 is probably the most compact finger joystick with rotatable handle on the market.

MEGATRON is expanding its product range with the particularly small TRY21 finger joystick series. Its main features are the very low installation height above the panel and a rotatable handle that provides a third, proportional degree of freedom as a Z-axis. The joysticks' non-contact Hall sensor technology ensures a long operating time without drift in the output signal.

With the TRY21, the mechanism is not built into the handle, but into the pot of the joystick. This special design makes the component above the control panel extremely compact. In the application, the mechanics of the joystick are located under the cover plate; only the very low handle, which has been reduced to the bare minimum, protrudes from the control panel. This allows the operator to rest his wrist comfortably and does not get tired even after hours of operating the joystick.

The compact dimensions of the TRY21 with a pot diameter of 34 mm and a mounting depth of 32 mm enable convenient panel mounting. The uncomplicated connection of the joystick to the power supply via a plug connector (supply voltage: 5 V) also contributes to easy installation. For the operating principle of the TRY21, MEGATRON relies on contactless Hall-effect sensor technology that works wear-free and reliably. In addition, each axis can be equipped with a redundant signal output. This means that the joystick can be used in safety-relevant environments without any problems. A matching cable harness with mating connector and connection strands of 300 mm length is included in the scope of delivery. The finger joysticks of the TRY21 series meet the requirements of protection class IP54 (splash water protection) and are therefore also used in control panels as well as in the driver's cab of vehicles.

Finger-Tip Joystick TRY21