MEGATRON Elektronik and SAKAE celebrate 50 years of successful cooperation

The companies stand for high-quality sensors and joysticks in professional applications

MEGATRON Elektronik with their headquarters in Putzbrunn, Munich, and the Japanese company SAKAE celebrate 50 years of successful cooperation. Since 1967 their cooperation has not only revolved around high-quality sensors, for the detection of distance and angles, but also joysticks for professional applications. To this day, these products still make up the core business activities of both of these successful companies, in which the product portfolio has steadily evolved over the years. For example, MEGATRON’s product and applications specialists have been able to specify more than a thousand different items, of which today the vast majority has been produced in outstanding quality and precision by SAKAE. In addition to the exclusive manufacture of custom made products by SAKAE for MEGATRON, many of the products are further refined and upgraded by MEGATRON themselves, as a result, a tailor-made and ready-to-install product option is available to each and every customer. In addition to the contactless technologies that are available, the demand for precision potentiometers remains unbroken. The advantageous features of the fully developed precision potentiometers are and will remain superior for a great variety of applications.

The highly successful 50-year partnership is carried by a special, mutual and intergenerational trust between the management and employees of both companies. Many projects were able to be successfully implemented together, whilst others are currently being carried out. Thomas Volkwein, Managing Director of MEGATRON, confirms that ‘SAKAE is and will remain the most important cooperation partner of MEGATRON’. Conversely, Tatsuro Shimoda, owner of SAKAE, expresses that in the field of precision potentiometers, MEGATRON is the most important design-in and value adding cooperation partner for SAKAE. The corporate success of both MEGATRON and SAKAE can be largely attributed to this special partnership and so both companies will continue to work together intensively and productively in the future.

SAKEA-and-MEGATRON-50-Years Partner
SAKEA-and-MEGATRON-50-years plaque