MBX linear sensors from MEGATRON require only minimal installation space

Space-saving design and easy to integrate

The MBX series of potentiometric linear transducers is ideal for confined spaces thanks to its extremely flat design with an installation height of just 7 mm. The universal cursor can be connected with a flexible mechanism which means that no push rod is required. With its open design, the linear sensor is designed for installation in the customer's housing.

The sensors in the MBX series have an installation height of just 7 mm and are therefore among the flattest of their kind on the market. Their construction means that they are especially suitable for installation in continuous casting profile housings, which are frequently used in actuators. Since the sensors in the MBX series have a universal cursor, they do not need a push rod and therefore save more valuable space in use. The cursor can be flexibly coupled and has a groove for a driving pin (2 degrees of freedom); alternatively, a drill hole is available for mounting a driving pin. Actuators of the kind installed in GPS-controlled seed processing equipment are a common area of use for the MBX rotary encoder series. Here, the sensor's feedback signal regulates the volumetric flow of the seeds. In medical engineering, the sensor is used for table adjustments or to position X-ray cassettes for use.

The MBX linear sensors have a continuous, virtually infinite resolution and a lifespan of more than 5 million movements. They are available from MEGATRON for measuring ranges of 100, 150 and 200 mm and can, on request, be adapted to any application. For one customer project, the Putzbrunn-based sensor specialists optimized the linear sensor's external cursor, for example, reducing the potentiometer's installation space even further.

Users benefit not just from the extremely compact construction and very high resolution of the MBX series, but also from its potentiometric measuring principle: it requires no electronic signal conversion and is therefore immediately available after the sensor is switched on, providing an absolute value with no delay.

Potentiometric linear transducer MBX

Very flat designed potentiometric linear sensor with guided cursor