Linear potentiometer for a wide range of installation situations

The RC13 displacement sensor is available in three mounting variants

The RC13 displacement sensor from MEGATRON is suitable for a wide range of applications with its diverse mounting options in measuring lengths from 25 mm to 250 mm. Whether with ball joints, mounting blocks or flange - the RC13 is especially popular with engineers because of its excellent linearity and durability.

The outstanding features of the RC13 are high measuring accuracy with a linearity tolerance of up to ±0.05 %, very compact dimensions and a lifespan of >100 million axis movements. In addition, the displacement sensor has a high-resolution conductive plastic resistance element. Its diverse mounting options make the RC13 a popular component in machine and device construction in industry as well as in medical technology.

The mechanical detection of the linear movement of the RC13 is carried out by the push rod, which is guided on one side. For coupling to the application, the engineer can choose from three designs in measuring lengths from 25 mm to 250 mm. The version with ball joints compensates movements transverse to the push rod, so that non-linear movements can also be coupled mechanically stress-free. Since the linear potentiometer does not require any electronic signal conversion, the signal is immediately available without delay after switching on and off. It is also temperature-stable and robust against EMC influences. Customer-specific adaptations to the cable (length, assembly with connector) or to the push rod (length, thread, flattening) are possible on request.

Potentiometric Linear Transducer RC13